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An example, Swing Kids (1993) As explained in IMDb: Kenneth Branagh is reported to have refused any billing at all rather than be billed above Christian Bale and the other boys who he said were the stars of the film.


Sorry to necro this but I had to toss my 2 cents in... I haven't seen Mystic River, so I don't know how big Eli Wallach's role is and I don't recognize Olivia Williams enough to look for her in X-Men: First Class, so I can't speak to these two but, on the topic of Cameos: The Wiki article for "Cameo appearance" pretty much does all of the answering. ...


Sometimes an actor, or actress, really sucks, and the only reason the final performance is any good is because of the director or the editing staff, who get all the credit.


its cause you couldn't hear David voice on the recording because of the head gear, so they had to dub it over and he wasn't about to do it, or that is what I was always lead to believe. ...

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