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On Days of Our Lives, the character of Roman Brady was originally played by Wayne Northrop. The character was re-cast and played by Drake Hogestyn. Northrop then returned as Roman and left again. The character was again re-cast and played by Josh Taylor. Finally, Northrop returned as Dr. Alex North.


In Star Trek (2009), Spock, who was originally played by Leonard Nimoy was re-cast and played by Zachary Quinto, but Nimoy returned to play Prime Spock. Does that count?


There was a very popular TV serial in India called Dill Mill Gayye where this sort of thing happened. It's a love story involving a group of young doctors interning at a hospital. The main leads were Armaan Malik played by Karan Singh Grover & Riddhima Gupta played by Shilpa Anand/Jennifer Winget/Sukriti Kandpal. Shilpa Anand playing Riddhima, the ...


Majel Barret, wife of series creator Gene Roddenberry, had several roles in several incarnations of the Star Trek series. She was the original "First Mate" (referred to as "Number One") in the pilot episode, and then came back as Nurse Chapel in TOS. She also played Deanna Troi's mother Lwaxana in TNG, as well as being the voice of ships computers in ...


Karen Gillian was an extra on Doctor Who, prior to returning to the show in the role of the Doctor's companion. Peter Capaldi also previously played a small role on Doctor Who and will now be returning as the 13th Doctor. Coincidentally, both actors appears in the same episode, "Fires of Pompei".

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