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Creator Michael Hirst explains his choice to cast Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Henry VIII. We felt that Johnny captured the essence of Henry. He portrays Henry in a way that shows him as a man while also displaying a regal quality. Which of course you need to portray Henry VIII. Actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on his role as Henry VIII: I understand that I ...


In most movies young children aren't good actors when they grow older and other actors suit the job better. Usually in shows each character is much older eventually reaching their real life age. So they usually switch the actors especially for young adolescent actors


Basically, they were both fans of Shaun of the Dead and knew the director. From an interview on About.com with Edgar Wright: Interviewer: How did you get Cate Blanchett to do that one little cameo? Wright: I'd met her in LA and knew that she was a fan of Shaun of the Dead, so that was kind of a start. The first thing we wrote in Hot Fuzz is the ...

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