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If you average the number of deaths from Bill the Lizard's answer over the length of the actor's career and number of appearances, only Bela Lugosi could be said to have died more and more often than Sean Bean. Sean Bean - 0.86 deaths/year, 0.22 deaths/credit Vincent Price - 0.6 deaths/year, 0.17 deaths/credit Bela Lugosi - 0.86 deaths/year, 0.32 ...


There are several actors who appear to die frequently in films, and Sean Bean is near the top of the list. According to Which Actors Die the Most in Movies? and Actors Who Die Really Often in Movies & TV shows, here are a few of the most notable: Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, and Nicolas Cage have all died around a dozen times. ...

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