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The general principle is that a "guest star" is someone who has been invited to undertake a role in the film or TV show. They aren't a star because of their major role in the production, they're a guest who happens to be a star. Where they also have a large role, they might be credited as "Guest Starring". Since it's highly unlikely Hugh Laurie (or ...


It's possible that you've underestimated the cultural relationship when you say in a comment "I see two different nations, in different continents, with an ocean in the middle, with different histories, customs, linguistic traditions (even without invoking Wilde), uses, laws etc." It's not just acting: in several aspects of culture (I'd say especially ...


Hugh Laurie has been well known in the UK since the 1980s, appearing in such popular TV shows as: The Young Ones A Bit of Fry and Laurie Blackadder (series 2 - 4) Jeeves and Wooster And parts in the films: Peter's friends 101 Dalmations Spice World Before 1998 when these episodes were made. As these episodes were set in the UK a well known (and ...


No, the dog in the original Back to the Future was named O.J. I did a Tree Top apple juice commercial with him when I was 13.

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