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One example would be the Prince movie under the cherry moon. He (1.58) is 10 cm smaller than Kristin Scott Thomas (1.68) (I am not american, but that must be about 3 inch). I guess there are bigger differences, but this is an Example for a romatic (musical) film to start with... If you count the relationship in Game of Thrones between Tyrion Lanister (Peter ...


I had seen/read/heard that Lazenby preferred to portray Bond without all the gimmicks, toys, e.g. the exploding pen, the ejector seat button, little Nellie, etc. However, the powers that be, whether it was the writers, producers, the viewers (I know I always enjoyed what Q would come up with), etc., wanted 007 to utilize those devices.


The BTTF Blog article on Einstein indicates that the dog in the first film (Tiger) was replaced by a second dog (Freddie) for the second two installments. In Back to the Future, Einstein was portrayed by a dog named Tiger, trained by animal trainer Richard Calkins. Twenty-eight dog years later, when Parts II and III of the trilogy were being filmed, ...


He was a quirky casting choice, pure and simple. Best known for his eccentric attitude and long-standing TV show (The Sky at Night) Moore was also a jobbing TV presenter who'd been on a number of other shows in the recent past, suggesting that he was touting himself around as a "presenter for hire". In this interview with Eurogamer (entitled Gamesmaster, ...


Harvey was white in the comics:


They're both technically true, as each adaptation has its own official canon. The canon with Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent continues on from the first two Tim Burton films, with Tommy Lee Jones taking over the role as Two-Face in Batman Forever. Billy Dee Williams was initially intended to portray Harvey Dent post-mutilation, but the role was given to ...

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