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This video explains the techniques used to create the time-lapse sequences of the BBC Life (2009) series. I'm not sure if the team was the same for the Planet Earth (2006) series, but imagine that the techniques shown (with refinements and technological updates) would be similar. The (massively oversimplified) approach appears to be:- identify a suitable ...


Bailey Kipper's P.O.V. (1996-97) Bailey Kipper's young age, 11, is belied by his wit and sophistication. His father works at a local TV station and often brings home junked bits of technical equipment for his son to mess around with, for Bailey is an electronics wizard. He constructs an elaborate spy system with which, via miniature cameras (in a ...


Could it be Raising Caines? It starred Judge Reinhold and Mel Harris, with Mat Botuchis and Michelle Williams as the children. I am having trouble finding details to confirm your memory, but the series was never released in the US, only abroad, and it came out in 1995.

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