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I found this interview with the writer and director, Rian Johnson in which he explains it: Could you explain " '78 Caddy? Controversial choice."? Rian Johnson: That was one of the first cars I owned after college. And the "controversial choice" was something a friend of mine used to say, and you would never know whether it was a diss or compliment. ...


From the script: CHIEF OF POLICE (in Czech) It has been a privilege, madame, to behold even briefly such a strong, beautiful flower. PENELOPE (in Czech) Thank you sir, I will not soon forget your ...


From the IMDb FAQ: Are the Bloom brothers really brothers? Yes. At the very beginning of the movie, a caseworker can be seen opening a file cabinet and pulling out the files on young Stephen and Bloom. The file is tagged "Bloom (2)", suggesting that there must be a "Bloom (1)". Does Bloom have a first name? The only reference to what ...


"Bloom" is also a verb, which might mean they went for an admittedly weak pun in the title.


When Bloom and Penelope got attracted and talked aboard the Fidele, Bloom told about his brother and his dreams. While it may be part of the con at that point it sounds real. He tells about his brother's dream to do the perfect con, about making the made-up story true, and how he thinks Stephen might have even liked it to have died at midnight on a beach ...


1978 was the year of the "Iran Cadillac", due to the model being manufactured in Iran. This may make it controversial.


Bloom seems to be the last name of the brothers, as per the IMDb FAQ via coleopeterist's answer. While that answers the basic question it leaves open why one of the brothers is highlighted by being called by the last name where the other is called by his first name, thus basically highlighting and exposing one of the brothers and de facto naming the duo and ...


I assumed that with them being orphans, perhaps Bloom never had a first name (i.e. he was orphaned as an infant and was just Baby Bloom) so he always went by his last name.


This was not answered in the movie, and was not meant to be answered...I think it's just supposed to be a moment where she mysteriously wows the brothers and Bang Bang: normally they're the ones with the plan, but she manages to mystify and amaze them (and the audience) with her escape. An explanation would cheapen the intrigue of "how the heck did she ...

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