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I think, you mean this song here, "Man Chang Fei"?


It's not a case of Hank possibly watching Walt, it's more that the launderette was on his radar and known to him as a potential target. If he'd been watching it over any space of time, he'd start to notice who goes there regularly. If that person was someone he knew to have links to drugs, and also was a completely different race from the other employees ...


Jesse makes meth but is not a chemistry genius. I doubt he would be able to pick up chemistry concepts fast if he were to learn them in school or at (legal) work. Jesse might be a meth cooking genius but not a chemistry genius. Saying Jesse is a chemistry genius for that reason is like saying Warren Buffett is a math genius.


Skyler most likely did not have genuine feelings for Ted, as their past affair was not something Tyler wanted to talk about when Marie mentioned it. It was done as an act of revolt against Walter and as an attempt to get back at him by demonstrating independence.


Any competent chemist could probably do it, but there aren't that many in the business There are a few issues with the way the show portrayed the meth synthesis. One is that pure meth isn't blue nor do any of the routes used by White and Pinkman pharmaceuticals create blue impurities. So the colour is merely a plot device to highlight the fact that their ...


To answer this, we need to look at how accurate Breaking Bad's depiction of cooking actually is. The show relied on Donna Nelson, a Professor Chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. She was the science advisor and gave input to the show's creators. She told NPR: You know, there are multiple ways to make meth. And so although his scenes are very ...


It's pointed out in one of the episodes that Walt is a particularly skilled chemist with a specialization in X-ray crystallography. This means that whilst being very knowledgeable about chemistry in general, his specific area of study focused exactly on what would help him to make particularly pure crystal meth. The fact that it was blue was simply a side ...


If Gale couldn't reproduce it, I'd say it's not something your "average" high school teacher was capable of. That doesn't make him a genius, although he did help win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985, and his former company Grey Matter technologies (I can't find any info on what they actually did) was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2008. So, it's safe to ...


Although I know you've consulted your previous question and the answer provided there, I'm going to refer to that answer to (try) and answer this one. In the Season 3 episode Fly, Walter states: "This fly is a major problem for us: It will ruin our batch, and we need to destroy it and every trace of it so we can cook. Failing that, we're dead. ...


This was left intentionally vague. Says Giancarlo Esposito (who played Gus): Q: What is the nature of Gus’ relationship to his old partner? There was a lot of speculation that perhaps there was a romantic connection in their past. GE: [...] I loved the fact that that came up so strongly, because there was genuine love there between Max Arciniega and ...


Vamos is "let's go" vamonos is "let's leave". So basically she's saying she wishes she could leave, but the way Jesse said it is ironic since he wants to leave too, meaning he's saying "let's get out of here".


I think it was just revenge on Walt, she left Ted years ago. Also, She helped him with the money because she was involved in the cooking of the books. That's my opinion so, It may be wrong.


You're looking for Gray Matter, season 1 episode 5, when Walt finally agrees to undergo the treatment. He's scanned about 5 minutes before the end of the episode. It's a machine that uses what looks like a vacuum-sealed clear plastic sheet and green radiation rays. Here's a picture:


There are countless articles and interviews from the show's creator Vince Gilligan on the character of Walter White. This one for example: Gilligan confesses surprise at the residual affection which has built up among viewers for White, even as the lies – and the bodycount – have spiralled. "I have kind of lost sympathy for Walt along the way," ...

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