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Yea I agree.. Taking libertys that weren't his to take. Pretty much Walt was pissed all of his money was getting pissed away through all the fingers in the pie lol but most of all when the legacy cost had to get paid now Walt is starting to think Mike is stepping over boundarys. Mike was with the attorney when the visited the dealers in prison. Mike promised ...


He was supposed to die in a botched drug deal, which would lead to Walt into a guilt trip. You can find more info in this interview with Creator and Executive Producer Vince Gilligan on YouTube: ...


In Chimayo New Mexico there is a similar shrine called El Santurio in which thousands of Catholics have made a pilgrimage of suffering as a show of faith in return for their prayer to be answered. Usually one's prayers are for someone sick, or off to war. Every Easter on Good Friday thousands make their pilgrimage of faith.

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