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Mugwump, green skin, beaks, oozing intoxicating jissom, does appear in the book. Kiki is a character out of another Burroughs novel, Cities of the Red Night. He is twenty, Puerto Rican, and very beautiful... much more beautiful than handsome, into Macambo magic... psychic, too.


Yes, there were (more or less successful) attempts made at filming those books. Due to their large popularity in Germany there were two recent film adaptations made as German/Austrian/international productions, adapting two of the original novels (according to Wikipedia with varying degrees of faithfulness to the book stories, though): The Three ...


The following is simply my opinion. I think that the main point here is to show that even if Hammond & C. keep saying that everything is under control, nothing actually is, and the reserchers did not think about all the problems that might arise bringing dinosaurs back on earth in a new (for them) ecosystem.


This was explained in the novel and was planned to be explained in the film, but the scene was cut for time. Here's a summary from /Film Trivia: Why Was the Triceratops Sick in ‘Jurassic Park’? In the film we learn that the Triceratops is getting sick every six weeks or so. Dr. Ellie Sattler first believes the culprit may be the West Indian Lilac berries ...


I feel like this question would benefit from a spoiler-free overview, by character rather than episode, that gives a broad-brush summary rather than listing every detail, for people who read/watched/remember one and are interested in how different the other is without spoiling it. The final section details which book characters don't appear in the TV show ...


Based on a very quick scan of the novel: The character of Tiwanda, Lydia and Calvin are indeed in the source novel. All three characters are black: A tall black girl [Lydia] whirled against them, her eyes shining with excitement. She gathered them both under her thin, elegant arms as if she must hold on to something or fall down. and The ...


The movie Naked Lunch is not only an adaption of the book (which is already considered highly autobiographical), but also about what drove Burroughs to write it in the first place. As such, it mixes the story of the book with facts from Burroughs biography. Even more so than in the book, the William Lee of the movie is an alter ego of Burroughs himself. ...

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