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Another single word: HBO. HBO's target audience has always been more adult than broadcast TV. They even allow curse words and nudity that are illegal and would be a fine if shown on broadcast TV.


Many writers and directors said that they use sex scenes because that what viewers want to see. Examples of writers/directors are, creator of True Blood, Masters of Sex. Game of Thrones (books) contains many sex scenes but the sex scenes in show are exaggerated. It's HBO show so it must contain sex scenes. It's the same thing with Orange is the New Black. ...


First, the movie, The Thirteenth Warrior, is a screenplay based on the Michael Crichton novel, The Thirteenth Warrior, which is itself based on an ancient English poem, Beowulf. The movie and Crichton book are reasonably close to each other. Both have the character, Ahmed, as the POV storyteller. The implication is that Ahmed is an outsider from the ...

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