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TL;DR: Kubrick wanted fans who really desired its meaning to either interpret their own meaning from the film, or read Burgess' book to derive the meaning the author intended. Long Answer: In an article with the New Yorker, Anthony Burgess, the author of A Clockwork Orange described how the name came to him: I first heard the expression “as queer as a ...


The exact diologue is to my knowledge nowhere to be found in any of the movies. But I think in a quite changed form it is still there in the book's adaptation. In the scene in Jurassic Park where they all are dining after their first welcome to the facility and after visiting the labs, Dr. Ian Malcolm says something pretty much to the same effect: ...


Nearly Headless Nick was essential. Justin Finch-Fletchey saw the Basilisk through Nick. Otherwise he would've died.


Riverworld has been adapted on TV : not only in 2010 but also apparently in 2003. I enjoyed the books, but I haven't watched either of these adaptations.

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