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Since it's my all time favorite movie, I've done a lot of research on this one. As per your question, movie ends when Dean walks away crying from Cindy and Frankie. And the ending of the movie is left to viewers opinion. It's an open end. In the end, Cindy cursed Dean that she wants a fucking divorce and Dean tries to convince her and tells her that he ...


Yes, their relationship never worked out.


In my opinion, Cindy's life is not going as she expected: she was studying medicine and then got pregnant; she tried abortion, but had to stop halfaway, so now she is a nurse. At the beginning Dean's attitude made her fell safe, then she started to feel suffocated by his lack of initiative: he is always saying something like You tell me what to do, and ...


Like what Moe said, their relationship never worked out. it's pretty obvious Dean loves Cindy so much that he would do anything for her(example: marry her even he found out the daughter isn't his. He also begged her if he can do anything to make things better.) On the other hand, Cindy is selfish to me, notice whenever she doesn't like something, she says "...

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