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It was a storied fate that doomed Donald (etym: Greek, "God's Gift") Theodore (etym: Celtic, "World Rule") Kerabotsus (oronym: "Care abouts us"). Contributor Oliver_C may be hinting at the very same idea. The first subtextual story within The Big Lebowski is the Gospel of John (DBY). The Dude is the Disciple John, Walter the Disciple Simon Peter and Donny ...


Not really. First of all, just about everyone involved brought about this complex situation. Everyone's (usually misguided) choices - Bunny, the Dude, the big Lebowski and the nihilists themselves - put the nihilists in that parking lot, so everyone would be responsible for Donny's death. And we don't even know Donny's prior health condition. In short, you ...

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