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This scene is illustrating that Buck "Rogers" Compton is shell-shocked. This is now known as PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since I don't know Compton personally, I can only guess that his trauma relates to his experiences from D-Day through Carentan. This scene to me is meant to convey that the cost of war isn't measured in dollars. It also conveys ...


The U.S. always had a policy; "No soldier left behind". It has always been "worth the risk" to free prisoners. To some degree this policy was abandoned in Vietnam, as evidenced by the whole POW - MIA movement and evidence of many POWs from that war. However, even in Iraq and Afghanistan we have risked lives to free US prisoners. Working under cover of ...


Dark of night hides actions of soldiers. This makes it so it is actually safer for them rather than more dangerous.


Private White didn't change gear because he was refusing to run Currahee; in essence he was quitting which we are supposed to surmise from his failure to answer Lipton. You can read a nice synopsis of the episode here or here if you missed any other details.

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