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Aliens don't have eyes. They sense their prey through changes in air pressure and noise. How they manage this with such accuracy isn't known, but a Predator's cloak bends light so that they appear camouflaged by their surroundings. When a Predator moves when cloaked they still emit changes in air pressure. Aliens are also effective hunters underwater and ...


From the Prometheus IMDb FAQ: It should be noted that AvP franchise is not considered part of the official canon of the Alien saga [...] Prometheus is considered by both Ridley Scott and the film's producers to be the first film in the Alien series. From an interview with Damon Lindelof: [...] Look, as to what’s canon and what’s not canon, for ...


As Wikipedia says - Prometheus was originally intended as a direct prequel to the 1979 science fiction horror film Alien, set approximately 30 years before the events depicted in the film. While the finished film explored a more stand-alone mythology based upon the race of giant beings discovered by the crew of the Nostromo in Alien, it is, as ...


Lindelof explains About the prometheus and AVP connection in an interview as:- Q: You said nothing is an accidental reference, so is there a possible intentional Alien Vs. Predator reference in that the Weylands are always seeking eternal life? Lindelof: You mean in terms of Charles Bishop Weyland? Look, as to what’s canon and what’s not ...


Prometheus is intended to be the prequel to the Alien directed by Ridley Scott. Alien vs Predator was a spin-off franchise and has nothing to do with Alien or Prometheus time lines. There is no relation what so ever between weyland characters in both movies.


First of all, the main point to consider is that the Alien (and later Alien/Predator) universe is not an entirely pre-thought and consistently grown universe, with the stories well tied into each other. There were different producers, directors and story-tellers taking turns on the story and including additional stuff (like the merge with the ...


I believe Lance Henriksen assumed the role of android in Aliens and did a character as Weyland in AVP. Aliens and Alien vs predator universe are not related by any means.

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