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Takashi Miike's Ichi the Killer from 2001, based on a manga called Koroshiya 1. Yakuza boss Anjo disappears with three hundred million yen. His loyal gang members, lead by the masochist Kakihara, start a search, but their aggressive and gory methods worry the other yakuza gangs. Kakiharas most frightening counterpart is the mysterious Ichi, a ...


Sounds like the 2006 Hong Kong horror film Re-cycle. From an online recap: Angelica Lee plays Tsui Ting-Yin, a best-selling author... she is currently writing a horror novel titled Re-cycle... Life begins to get creepy when events begin to mirror [what] she is writing – although it is not altogether clear whether her novel is coming to life or life is ...


Solved: it is San Taam AKA Mad Detective. Thanks to this site, which contains the keyword "imaginary wife".


This sounds like Aces Go Places (1982), also known as Mad Mission A "James Bond" type burglar named King Kong tries to redeem himself and joins forces with Albert "Baldy" Au, a bumbling police detective from the states, to try to track down a rare set of stolen luscious diamonds before it ends up in the hands of a notorious European gangster named "White ...


Are you talking about this hindi movie Dil Se..? Plot: Amar Kant Varma (Shahrukh Khan) is a Program Executive for All India Radio. He is dispatched from New Delhi to cover festivities in the northeastern parts of India, and Kashmir. In the midst of rain storm, on his way to board Baraks Valley Express, he comes across a beautiful woman (Manisha Koirala) ...


The movie is 3-Iron, (2004), directed by Ki-duk Kim. Tae-suk (Jae Hee) is a loner who drives around on his motorbike, taping takeout menus over the keyholes of front doors and breaking into apartments where the menus have not been removed. He lives in those apartments while their owners are away, washing their clothes and mending their broken ...


Its called Three Times, Is a 2005 Taiwanese film directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien. It features three chronologically separate stories of love between May and Chen, set in 1911, 1966 and 2005, using the same lead actors, Shu Qi and Chang Chen.

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