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Could refer to his face being very "Abercombie looking" as Thea refereed to him being when describing her purse snatcher to the authorities.


This is an example of Genre Fractal. TV shows, even though they may be completely unrelated, are able to communicate meaning by referencing each other and using those references as narrative shorthand. If a drug is shown and it is needed to be conveyed that this is, for example, an incredibly pure iteration of that drug; they can dye the drug blue and ...


No, they don't seem to have fully planned it out already. First of all, it is not too natural for TV show to plan out its entire run, especially if it is of largley episodic nature. While Arrow has certain season-spanning storylines, the seasons themselves are still largely self-contained and closed. It is not a show with a predetermined storyline, like ...


With Oliver, whose rejection was the reason she seeked love elsewhere. Well, first of all, it is not that unusual for people to be in love with more than one person in their life. In addition to that, the show doesn't really run short of romances, which is an important aspect to its story, especially the love interests of Oliver Queen. While season one ...

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