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He gets his arrows from Argus. The only organization that knows who he is and has multiple resources for the arrows he needs. Amanda W. was always his ally and then Lila became the new director who is apart of team arrow


It all happened during the Arrow episode viz. S04E22 (which aired the previous night on television). The event went like this: Felicity was at the Arrowcave and then Quentin Lance came there. They were tracing Thea's location; they got it and Oliver and Diggle went to search for the place. Meanwhile, Felicity received a phone call from Curtis and left ...


A Few episodes back the Arrow showed Oliver and Barry standing by the grave with caption that said 6 months later that might mean something


Unfortunately, there's not enough in-universe clues to sync the shows up, but most likely the answer is that Flash and Arrow are out of sync. There's a slim chance a future Flash episode will refer to this event, and we'll know for sure, but probably not. This isn't unusual, and in fact, the exact same thing happened last season. At some point, Flash ended ...

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