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The script used for the fake film project was based on the 1967 science fiction novel "Lord of Light" by Roger Zelazny. In real life, makeup artist John Chambers (played by John Goodman) came up with the title "Argo" because he loved knock-knock jokes. In the film, the title becomes an off-color joke. - (Source:IMDb) From urbandictionary ...


If I remember correctly there was a destroyed photo of "one of the six" that was reconstructed in a sweatshop. This was the vital clue. Once it was reconstructed, it was discovered that it was someone from the Canadian Film crew. At this point their (the Americans) cover had been blown. If they (the Iranian Army) sent the photo and details to the third ...


Because no matter how desperate you are to stop the plane, would you really want to be responsible for shooting at and potentially crashing a full aircraft, fueled for an international flight? An airline of the national carrier of Switzerland, setting off another international incident, but this time a famously neutral country? The soldiers do what they ...


The culture official asks whether the film is about a foreign bride who comes to Iran, but she doesn't understand the language or the custom so there is a misunderstanding and lapse. To this, Bob, the "director", replies that it's not.


According to Argos imdb site this is from an interview with Jimmy Carter: Past the photos of cast members and the real people they play, there's audio from an interview with then-President Jimmy Carter talking about the crisis.


MANY YEARS AGO, A JOKE WAS GOING AROUND... AND IT WENT LIKE THIS : "A popular radio announcer, back in the 1940's, was doing 'Man In The Street' interviews, asking people if they knew any 'knock-knock' jokes. He came upon a drunk. He wasn't sure the guy was sober enough for this, but he asked him anyway: "Sir, we're doing knock-knock jokes today... do ...


he was referring to the movie Not without my daughter and asking if this Argo movie is that one. That movie was released in 1991 and represented exaggerated bad aspects of Iran and was opposed by Iranian government and people. Edit: Although that movie hadn't existed at the time Argo happened, seems like the filmmakers wanted to mention that movie to the ...

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