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There was a Mission Impossible cartoon, is it possible that's what you're thinking of?


The Rescuers perhaps? That's about orphans.


This is not a movie. It's an episode of Fairly Odd Parents called Crash Nebula (Season 5, episode 22) which is basically the origin story of the titular superhero. From Wikia: One day, while "doing his chores" (just laying around reading comic books) Sprig sees a giant space ship appear [on his family farm]. Out runs a butterfly-esque creature, being ...


You're looking for Hanna-Barbera's Rock Odyssey from 1987. From Wikipedia: The story of a mysterious woman named Laura, who embarks on a journey to find her true love. The movie's soundtrack is set to four decades of classic rock. Scatman Crothers provides the voice of a living jukebox who narrates the story. Here are some clips with the talking ...

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