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I know, I thought so too when I first saw Jake. But it turns out his eyes are not inverted. The sclera of his eye (aka "the white of the eye") isn't shown. The whole eye is drawn black, as can be seen on dogs whose eyes are not turned at extreme angle and the white circle we see is reflected light, like on this random stock photo of a dog (not the same model ...


It must be UFO Baby. All the plot-points matches. Her name is Miyu. Its based on Manga. Here is a picture from it I have watched it by myself, so i can insure it that it has last episode where UFO baby comes again to see that the girl and boy is now together and have there own same face child.


VOR-TECH: Undercover Conversion Squad From Wikipedia, here's the synopsis: The VOR-tech undercover conversion squad is a group of secret agents led by Hudson Roarke. Their mission is to stop Lord Matrix, Hudson’s older brother, and his evil Bio-Mechs from infecting the world with a techno-infectious plague. In their battle with the Bio-Mechs, ...

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