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usually now they would use Adobe Photoshop & then put it into Autodesk Maya which are both costy programs, there would be alternatives but you could usually find some ways to get them for free.


Finally found it ) If anyone is curious: it's "The New Adventures of Ocean Girl". Here's a shot with the henchmen:


You mean The Raccoons. The series revolves around Bert Raccoon and married couple Ralph and Melissa Raccoon, of whom Bert is a friend and roommate. The series mostly involved the trio's efforts against the industrialist forces of greedy Aardvark millionaire called Cyril Sneer (the antagonist you meant), who usually tries to destroy the forest for money. ...


I have found the name of this short film (I didn't think it was possible, see note at the end of this answer). Do Nothing Til you Hear From Me, 1994. The film is a European animated short film from the mid-90s featuring instruments that speak in their own music with each other. The drawing style is very modern and not very far from Disney but the theme ...

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