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I believe you are referring to Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann scored for the film of the same name - however, you might know it better from Kill Bill (Ellie Driver whistles it).


In early 1970's Constance moves to LA to pursue an acting career. It is unclear if she actually moved into the murder house at this time, but in 1984 Constance and her children move out of the Murder house and move next door. So at some point before this her and her husband move into the Murder house. There is speculation as to why she went next door. ...


From the American Horror Story wiki: After making a small incision, he discovers what appears to be a microchip, an unknown technology to the era. After placing it on a tray, it sprouts six segmented "legs" and skitters away(1). The micro-bot appears to be almost indestructible, as it is able to autonomously reassemble itself after being ...


I'd have to go back and watch it again to see what specific scenes you're referring to, but in I Am Anne Frank (both parts) the style shifts a few times. WWII-era flashback scenes are stylized to look like documentary footage, and I remember the flashback scenes when her husband recounts how her delusion developed also shifted style to something more akin to ...

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