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The message of American History X is quite simple: violence begets violence. The whole film is a series of escalations based on revenge; Derek and Danny lose their father and hate consumes them. They win a basketball game against the black gang (and their turf in the process) and the gang try and steal their fathers' truck as revenge, Derek kills them over ...


The total timeline of events is really, really short. Danny gets assigned the paper for Dr. Sweeney on the morning of Derek's release. He gets killed prior to turning in the paper the very next morning. So, all of those events happened in a single evening. Furthermore, I never got the impression that Derek was aware of the initial 'smoke in the face' ...


Blowing smoke into someone's face is an insult. It means you do not respect them, nor their space (which can mean territory). Consider the deaths of people who inadvertently wore the wrong color(s) in a gang territory. In the gangland mindset, it does not take much to kill someone. Protecting your integrity and the integrity of any others you represent is ...


Basicly I believe that the ending was to show that in the end the violence that derek and danny had caused then turns and comes back at them in response to the pathway they chose to go down. It shows that every decision you make has consequences. I had a better way of wording this but I forgot it. It's a damn good movie definitely one of my top 50.

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