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The extended versions of the first 6 movies are on the Ultimate editions Blu Ray only or the single movie extended versions on dvd offered only by Target years ago. The extended versions include the deleted scenes as part of the movie. The theatrical version have the deleted scenes as part of the extras.


The exact protocol in question is not defined, neither in the movie or the book. By Apollo 9, many procedures had been performed and documented; rendezvous, docking, transfers, launch windows, etc. but the protocols were no doubt tightened to increase safety margins. It could be any of these protocols. If I were to guess, I'd say it would be something ...


He is Steppenwolf He is uncle of Darkseid and Darkseid is a major DC comics villain and he was hinted many times in the film. (Already answered about this hints in another question) As per reports from Justice League executive producer Deborah Snyder confirmed to and other members of the press on Friday that Steppenwolf ...

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