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Short of finding a magical, perfectly preserved version of Disney's original Pinocchio and paying someone to master a DVD/BluRay/Digital copy from it, you don't really have many (if any) options and you're going to have to settle for something. Low-quality VHS copies (and even DVDs) can't be made better quality. If Disney decided to do some repairs to the ...


Sometimes yes but they tend to be short or single runs in more 'art-house' cinemas or as part of a collection of director/actor movies ran together. I saw a 'Blade Runner' thing like this as part of a Ridley Scott appreciation thing a few years ago.


I also can confirm that the church scene was censored in Latin America. I saw the movie in Utah and then last night in Panama. The church scene in Panama only included the first woman Galahad shoots, cuts of Eggsy's reactions, Merlin's reactions, a couple of guys thrown around from Galahad's POV, Valentine and Gazelle's reactions, then cut to Galahad ...

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