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Ripley was asleep for however long she was asleep. The idea is more to do with time differences in reference to where she is in space versus time passing, back on Earth. Einstein proposed that if someone where to travel away from Earth at great speed and then return to Earth sometime later, Earth time would have moved much more quickly than the space ...


The Director's Cut version includes pre-alien-attack footage from the settlement. All the children play hide-and-seek in the air ducts, and Newt is the best. So not only does this set up Newt's survival, it also sets up the later alien assault on the barricaded room via the air ducts.


The Alien setting has FTL travel of varying speeds. People who travel on long journeys in slow ships travel in stasis, also known as cryosleep or hypersleep. These are the pods you see people enter or exit near the beginning or end of most of the films. The point of stasis is to reduce the consumption of resources and slow down aging. Effectively, people ...

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