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It appears to be a stylistic decision on the part of Andy Serkis and Steven Spielberg, and is in keeping with Hollywood's fascination for Scottish accents (see the Vikings in How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, the lack of a Welsh Smurf). Naturally, fans are up in arms about this, especially those who think he should have an English accent (specifically ...


Yes it is actually Hergé in the flea market, he has also appeared in various Tintin comic books as a cameo appearance. Here's a list of his appearances.


If it was an actual 400 troy oz then today January 14, 2014 with gold at 1,269 USD/oz it would be worth 507,600 USD. Based on the time period of the stories the movie is based on (1941-44) when gold was 33.85 USD/oz then it would be worth 13,540 USD or adjusted for inflation 179,218.06 USD

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