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These are a few episode starters I remember: People contact Amy/Tawnia because they heard that she is connected to the A-Team and want her to pass the message (after which Murdock sets up a meeting...) People put out an advertisement in the newspaper seeking for help and the A-Team responds People go to someone (which turns out to be Hannibal) who said ...


His name is never revealed, although according to the A-Team Wikia, the 2010 movie suggests that his first name is James. Furthermore, in S3E18 ("Road Games"), Hannibal calls Murdock 'Henry.' Despite these allusions to his real name, it is never definitively stated.


the initials H.M. were never explained in terms of what Murdock's actual first and middle name were, and the nickname "Howlin' Mad" were simply attributed to them (although it is rumored that his name comes from World War II Marine Corps General Holland M. Smith, aka "Howlin' Mad", a nickname given by his troops). Not even his driver's license reveals what "...


They must first meet with Mr. Lee, who is in fact Hannibal in disguise. This allows them to sort those who need help from those who may want to capture the team or just use them.


Let's do some sums. I can't find specs for the main gun, but a similar British Army 105mm light gun fires shells weighing 15.1kg at 709m/s. Using 1/2mv^2, that's 3.80MJ. Let's assume all of the energy from the firing went into the projectile when the tank was on solid ground, because that's the worst case - anything else would improve our chances of ...


Tank guns have the technology to compensate the Recoil of the fired shoot. This Wiki article is about recoil and mordern ways to compensate it. And this article is about the Muzzle brake - also to minimize the recoil. Both technics are straight against the fact that a fallen tank can be slowed down by shooting its gun. It would only start to spin around. ...


The physics at work here are compression waves and terminal velocity. Think of a large speaker cabinet. If you stand up a piece of paper a few feet away and put the volume of your stereo all the way up, the paper will be blown over. Much like Sonar, the compression waves move air toward an object. Now, to stop a steel tank, those waves would have to be ...


I think it's Henry Mack. As stated by the previous poster, at one point, Hannibal calls him Henry. Also, in season 2 episode 14, Murdock refers to himself as "Mack Murdock". Henry Mack "Howling Mad" Murdock.

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