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Sounds like Killing Mr. Griffin with Amy Jo Johnson, Mario Lopez and Michelle Williams from 1997: Mr. Griffin (Jay Thomas) is a bitter high-school teacher, who pushes his students to the limit and is hated by most of them. When he humiliates the popular student Mark Kinney (Scott Bairstow) is his class, Mark convinces his friends to play a prank on Mr. ...


Pretty sure this is the sequel to The Odd Couple, The Odd Couple II from 1998, where Walter Mattahu and Jack Lemmon go through all kinds of trouble when they try to reach their childrens' wedding in time. Along the way, an old man offers them a ride, saying that though it's a five hour drive, they will be there "in less than two hours". But when they ...


Sounds like Showdown in Little Tokyo from 1991 with Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee where the villain does this to a girl called Angel: Yoshida questions Angel about her loyalty, and she attempts to appease Yoshida by offering her body to him. Yoshida then drugs Angel and strips off her clothes, and then fondles her from behind before beheading her. ...


Sounds like Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme from 1989 but I think you got some details a bit wrong (it's a girl, for one). From the synopsis of one of the scenes: While hanging from the mast, [hero] Gibson flashes back for the last time to his adopted family in the country. He and the oldest girl and her little brother are tied up with barbwire hanging ...


Alternately if it's John Cleese, it could be Clockwise. He's a time obsessed head teacher who has disasters trying to make an important meeting.


Sounds like Planes, Trains and Automobiles starring Steve Martin, where he's an executive trying to get home for Christmas?


I'm not sure, but that might be Betty Blue, (1986), directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. I remember there being a woman in the movie whose husband wouldn't touch her once she became pregnant, and she became increasingly frustrated as the movie progressed.

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