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Sounds like Necromancer from 1988. It's about 3 guys who steal exams from a professor's office and then catch and rape a blonde student. She contacts a necromancer (a sort of gypsy woman) to summon a demon and exact revenge on them. The demon wears her form and seduces one of them in a shower before revealing its true self (green eyes, red skin and sharp ...


if you didn't find the movie yet, i kinda feel like you are looking for "House (1986)" series...check out the clip too. Thank you :) https://www.youtube.com/v/kek5PKnhDNI


If the students were a boy and a girl and the teacher carries his head around a lot, you probably mean the Amazing Stories episode 'Go To The Head Of The Class' from 1986, starring Christopher Lloyd (who's quite tall) as a loathed teacher cursed by 2 students (the girl is played by Mary Stuart Masterson). He dies and comes back to life with his head ...

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