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You are describing a scene from Top Secret: When Nick and Val reach the resistance, a high latch opens and a man appears through it. But when he opens the door, he's short (he's the guy on the left here). Here's the clip: ...


Could it be "Acme School of Stuff" from 1988? EDIT: Seems like a match. The opening depicted a Rube Goldberg machine that ends with a neon sign of the show's title, and it had a bit about a 300 baud modem (that ends with the host being spammed!): ...


I am not sure, but is it Bits and Bytes?


Pretty sure this is the sequel to The Odd Couple, The Odd Couple II from 1998, where Walter Mattahu and Jack Lemmon go through all kinds of trouble when they try to reach their childrens' wedding in time. Along the way, an old man offers them a ride, saying that though it's a five hour drive, they will be there "in less than two hours". But when they ...


Alternately if it's John Cleese, it could be Clockwise. He's a time obsessed head teacher who has disasters trying to make an important meeting.


Sounds like Planes, Trains and Automobiles starring Steve Martin, where he's an executive trying to get home for Christmas?


You may be thinking of the 1986 movie "Trick or Treat", which has appearances by Gene Simmons of Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne. Per user comments on IMDB, this is a heavy metal horror movie and is considered a cult classic: "The plot outline is your standard Heavy Metal horror movie. Kid's favorite singer dies. Kid plays record backwards. Hero comes back in ...


I'm not sure, but that might be Betty Blue, (1986), directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. I remember there being a woman in the movie whose husband wouldn't touch her once she became pregnant, and she became increasingly frustrated as the movie progressed.


This sounds like The Phantom Tollbooth - which is from 1970, but the description is very close to the action in the movie. A better description can be found on wikipedia. It is about a boy who goes into a magic world, with the cities of Digitopolis and Dictionopolis are ruled by (I believe) two brothers who believe that either Numbers or Letters are best. ...

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