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Looking at the real Xerxes there doesn't seem to be a background suggesting that he ever claimed himself to be an actual god, apart from the mandatorily high self-esteem every great king and conqueror needs. Rather than that it is probably just that naturally high self-esteem exaggerated in a way congruent with the rest of the movie's plot and style. As you ...


I don't know if it is ancient culture or not, but that necklace was given to him by his wife right before his departure for the hot gates. I believe the reason he gives it back is as a way to tell his wife he is gone.


I'm going to attribute it to the most powerful force in the universe -- Plot. It's a way to represent communication between Leonidas and Gorgo as well as a mechanism to 'pass the baton' to his son. I shall further speculate that it was worn as a braid rather than a necklace so as not to interfere with visual of a ripped and oily Gerard Butler jumping and ...


The historical Xerxes probably did not consider himself a god, but he was a legend in his own time. He removed a golden statue from the temple of Zeus, desecrating the temple, something his father Darius did not dare to do. From Herodotus, The Histories (Book 1, Chapter 183, Section 3) and in the days of Cyrus there was still in this sacred enclosure a ...


My answer is that it represents the bond and relationship of somebody you have a deep respect, admiration, and affection for. A way to honor the blessings of somebody very special.


in the new film 300:rise of an empire , his fathers dying words were only a god can defeat the greeks . spurred on by eva greens character artesemsia he gets wrapped in chains and gauze inscribed with sumerian text and wanders into the desert until he finds a cave with a pool of gold liquid , upon exiting the pool , he now has flaming red eyes is hairless ...


He knew he was going to die and didn't know how to tell her goodbye, it even says in the movie "what should I tell her?" "nothing that need be said" and Spartans aren't supposed to show weakness so that was their way of telling each other they loved each other and in the end maybe she just wanted to pass something on to their son from his father.

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