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24 is one show that I would not recommend starting in the middle. While each season is one complete day in the life of Jack Bauer, making each one mostly a self-contained story, there are going to be major spoilers for earlier seasons. At the very least you'll learn who lives and who dies in earlier seasons, but there are also double agents, double-crosses ...


In the UK, it is illegal to use your phone while driving unless it's an emergency and you're calling the emergency services (999), from the UK government website: It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle or drive using hand-held phones or similar devices. You can get an automatic fixed penalty notice if you’re caught using a hand-held phone while driving ...


I would recommend that you watch them in order if possible, but do allow some time in between each season (i.e., don't watch one season and continue on to the next immediately). There a few things that do carry forward from one season to the next and they certainly add to the events that are taking place. The show will still be great if you watch them out ...


I came away from the first season thinking that Nina was "a" mole, but working for someone other than the main antagonist for that season, essentially keeping track of both CTU and the would-be presidential assassins. I thought the people who had kidnapped Jack's family were not associated with Nina because they ordered him to kill her at one point. I see ...


This is called a recap sequence, as opposed to having a cold open like many TV sitcoms. I would argue there are a few reasons for doing this. Television shows are complicated. They are particularly complicated nowadays. Think of the complexity of shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe - unless a user is completely avid and is watching the episodes on ...


Depends on who you ask, really. Wikipedia describes an antihero as following: The antihero or antiheroine is a leading character in a film, book or play who lacks the traditional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage, nobility, fortitude, moral goodness, and altruism. It is quite obvious that Jack Bauer does not lack idealism, courage, fortitude ...


No. Commercial breaks happened (presumably) during mundane events or periods of inactivity. The clock would pick up again when they returned from commercial break. The clock never ended at 42:00, it always ended at 60:00.


Is this because he snapped in season 8 and is no longer averse to revenge killing? Madam President, I don't want revenge, I want justice. -Jack Bauer, Day 8, 9:48pm Really I think it's a combination of factors: Jack loves The HellersJack started working with them sometime between the end of Day 3 and the start of Day 4 when James Heller is ...


Later that same day between 1800 and 1900, when Teri has amnesia, her doctor friend takes her home. Upon entering and being unable to remember her security code, alarms begin to sound and within 2 minutes, armed security show up. I think it's safe to assume Nina told Gains about the alarm which forced the complicated abduction.


Not a direct answer, but found it worth mentioning. Monika Bokiniec has written a rather nice paper "“Who can find a virtuous CTU agent?” – Jack Bauer as Modern Hero, Antihero and Tragic Villain" – where various aspects of the character is analyzed. To quote from page 13:              Another way of finding the middle ground between hero and villain ...


There's a complete list of interrogation scenes in 24 here. None of them seem to match your description exactly, but this seems reasonably close: Paul Raines: After CTU discovered Paul's name on the lease of the building where the terrorist attacks had been planned, Jack tortured him by electrocuting him with wires from a lamp, despite Paul's (truthful) ...


His ultimate fate is unknown, however bonus footage on the DVD set for the season shows him being rescued by CTU agents. Thing is, if this bonus footage wasn't part of an extended cut or any sort of official cut of the series, it can't really be considered canonical.


Her objective is to ensure Palmer is killed - and Jack is the best way to get the phone bomb close to him. The Drazens planned this but saw an opportunity to get Alexis free by trading him for Jack. Therefore Nina basically has to get Alexis free for the Drazen to make the final assasination attempt


No. TV producers don't shoot more material to fill time on DVD releases that would normally go to commercials.

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