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The gun was given to James Cole so that the airport guards would shoot him. As a child, James saw himself die, so that element of the past (which was unchangeable) HAD to take place. However, I do wonder why the gun was an antique....


The survivors had an immunity to the virus. Also in the end the woman that said "Jones, I'm in insurance," is one of the scientists. I think she means, sarcastically, I'm here to ensure the future. They needed the virus to find a cure, not to stop the epidemic. She is probably there to grab a vile of the virus and take it to the future.


I don't think so. I think the change in script is more indicative of a clever change in the plotline by Gilliam. I think it was probably an alternate ending that he decided would actually lend the movie a deeper, subtler, and more mysterious twist. Why replace a script indicating that Jefferey wasn't a part of the virus distribution with a scene containing ...

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