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(Spoiler Ahead)

In the movie Reservoir Dogs Mr Brown (played by Quentin Tarantino) is found dead after Mr White (Harvey Keitel) shoots down the cops. However before the brief shoot out he was talking to Mr Orange (Tim Roth) and complaining about blindness and blood in his eyes.

Although Brown was already injured, however his sudden death due to those injury looks a little vague to me. It is fairly possible that Orange would have shot Brown while White was shooting at the cops. Is there any pointers in the movie explaining his death in the movie?

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Brown was shot by the police (possibly the officers that Mr. White later fires on). He crashes the car as a result of his soon-to-be-fatal injury. Mr. Orange does not harm Mr. Brown - his shell-shocked behavior after Brown's death is due to the violence that he is witnessing, and not yet any that he has committed. He has, after all, just seen his friend Mr. White gun down two of his fellow officers. (Source)

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