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In the movie "Setup",

When Sonny and Petey visit their friend (with the guns and drugs), Petey starts playing around with guns. Later, while Sonny and his friend were talking, they hear a shot and finds that Petey is dead and blood is splattered everywhere.

So did Petey shoot himself or did someone else shoot him? Petey is like a mob-boss's right-hand man. So could he been dumb enough to shoot himself? If someone else shot him, who was that?

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I think its heavily implied that he was indeed that big an eejit. He makes a statement prior about how he's handy with the steal, or words to that effect. I thought it was a brilliant bit of dark humour. Unexpected and well timed. Very funny. Getting back to your question though, yes, I believe its intended that he did accidentally shoot himself and no other party was involved. Lets be honest, we all know at least 1 gobshite like that ;-)

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