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In the 2011 film of Rise of the Planet of the Apes there is a scene where Caesar escapes from the house and attacks the neighbor, and during that attack he bites the mans finger.

enter image description here

During that sequence we can clearly see that he does not lose his finger, but it is bloody.

enter image description here

Was this a mistake in the film?

Every time I watch this film, and that scene comes up. It seems to me that Caesar bites off the mans finger, but in the next shot he has his finger back.

Later in the film people are discussing if it's safe to continue to have Caesar in the house, and one person mentions the attack. If I remember correctly, it's stated that the neighbor lost his finger.

It seems like an important plot point, because the neighbor mentions that he's a pilot. So loosing a finger would be kind of a big deal for him.

What is the correct result of Caesar's attack? or was there some kind of last minute change in the editing room to keep the finger.

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In the after-credits scene, it is clearly presented that he still has his finger – xpy Dec 15 '15 at 21:07
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The neighbor was shouting and pointing finger towards the old man and that's what infuriated Caesar. He hated that gesture. Sometimes it happens with us humans too and it makes us want to catch that finger and twist it hard. But we don't do that :) But it's natural emotion that comes to our mind, sometimes.

My opinion is that Caesar did not want to bite it off, he just wanted to bite hard on that finger. Hard enough to cause bleeding.

One more possibility is that in his anger he closed his jaws on the finger but when the man started crying in pain he may have controlled himself and let him go.

About losing the finger - losing finger doesn't necessarily mean getting it bitten off. Maybe Caesar chewed it in a manner that it was badly damaged and may be the doctors advised to cut it off later.

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+1 thanks, for noticing that the neighbor was pointing towards the old guy. Next time I watch I'll keep an eye out for that. – ThinkingMedia Feb 2 '13 at 18:32

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