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In the film Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it's clear that Agents Carter and Hanaway (Josh Holloway's character) were teammates, but I'm curious if there was meant to be something more between them. In particular, Ethan had a line that very vaguely implied that Carter and Hanaway might have been a couple. And Carter seemed particularly broken up by

Hanaway's death

so I wanted to know if some non-movie material established the extent of their relationship.

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If you ask about the relationship between them within the movie, there are a few no of proofs which led us to believe that they might have been in a relationship. The points are:

1) Like you posted, Carter seemed particularly broken up with the death of Hannaway. She was very sad to see him die.

2) Before the death, Hannaway said:

You are so beautiful. I am sorry I should have told you.

3) After the killing of Sabine Moreau, Brant argued that throwing her off the building was an instinctive move by Carter. He suspected she took the revenge of the death of Hannaway by killing her.

If you ask about if they were having any relationship between them off screen, I would say neither did I hear about it, nor Google could cast any light on this! :P

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