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As all other David lynch movies Eraserhead also is hard to grasp. I would like to understand what exactly the film suggests or explains. Particularly what is the significance of the "Lady in the Radiator".

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The most widely accepted representation of the lady in the radiator is that she represents death.

Taken from

The mysterious Lady in the Radiator (Laurel Near) represents the Grim Reaper and sings to Henry an eerie song of heaven and of how "everything is fine" there. It can be stated that the radiator itself is representative of Henry's thoughts of self-destruction and that he sees death as a source of freedom from his living Hell. This view seems to be confirmed at the film's shocking climax when Henry kills his baby in act of release and mercy. He is then met by the Lady in the Radiator in a brilliant flash of light and dies in her arms. In this act, Henry has finally embraced Death and accepted it into his life, giving him admittance to his own personal heaven and freedom.

Taken from

This lady in the radiator is death. She intrigues Henry because she is a form of escape from his existence. To further secure this claim is her soothing anthem “in heaven everything is fine.”

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Thanks for the link... – Vimal Raj Jan 28 '13 at 10:22

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