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Chuck Cunningham Syndrome refers to when a character simply disappears with no explanation and is treated in later episodes as if they never existed.

I was wondering if there was a term, maybe "Sondra Huxtable Syndrome", for characters who just appear with no explanation?

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Which movie/TV show are you talking about? – Mistu4u Jan 22 '13 at 17:49
Sondra is from The Cosby show, where Sondra, their 5th and eldest child appeared after a handful of episodes where it was established there were only 4 kids, all living at home. Chuck Cunningham is from Happy Days, I believe. The obligatory tropes link. – TylerShads Jan 22 '13 at 17:54
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Yes, there is a term and it is known as "Reverse" Chuck Cunningham Syndrome"

A reverse Cunningham is essentially the opposite of Chuck Cunningham syndrome, in which a previously-unknown and un-alluded-to character is introduced under the context that they had always been there, and had significantly interacted with the other characters before. This causes even more continuity problems than regular Cunningham Syndrome, as although it's easy to overlook the sudden absence of a character, it's harder to ignore the sudden appearance of a character, especially one that we are expected to believe was part of the regular cast, all along. Perhaps because it creates even more credibility problems, producers are much less likely to suddenly introduce characters whose presence should have been at least alluded to or explained earlier. But it has happened on a few occasions.

A handful of examples is also given there at the end of the article.

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