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I saw this movie about 10 years ago. Traveling back in time a group of people visiting a prehistoric time period, one of the group catches/ kills a butterfly. after returning to present time the world starts to change because this butterfly disrupted the ecological outcome and everything goes astray with weird creatures and plantation runs amok. They return to the period of the butterfly incident and save it and save the world.

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I think that is A Sound of Thunder (2005):

In the year 2055, the rich are able to travel back in time and hunt a live dinosaur for a huge price. Sonia Rand has developed a machine that can take people back in time. Charles Hatton has taken this technology and opened a business know as Time Safari. Anyone with the money can travel back millions of years and shoot a dinosaur. Dr. Travis Ryer leads his team together with the big game hunter on a floating walkway to a spot where they can kill the dinosaur. The trip protocol is that they must stay on the walkway and not disturb the land or anything creature around them. Unfortunately for the human race, one hunter steps on and kills a butterfly. This insignificant act starts off major consequences to the earth's climate and creates new species of animal life. The course of evolution as we know it is now being changed by time waves. Travis and Sonia try to stop the changing process before it becomes permanent and man becomes extinct.

From imdb.

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Wasn't there a catch that they had to kill the dino before a volcano erupted or some other natural event that would have killed it anyway? or is that a different movie. – ThinkingMedia Jan 19 '13 at 19:53
That's the same movie, matthew. And might I just add that it is also one of the most sublimely terrible films ever made :) – Nobby Jan 19 '13 at 20:29
I was like. Oh I want to watch that again, and then I saw the imdb rating of 4 and thought "No, maybe not". lol – ThinkingMedia Jan 20 '13 at 1:27
There were some problems behind the scenes (2002 flood in Prague, where it was shot; Production Company going bankrupt). Originally it was to be directed by Renny Harlin and starring Pierce Brosnan. – Oliver_C Jan 20 '13 at 10:46

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