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First of all, I have limited knowledge about X Men Comics and that too is from watching the movies.

Is there any relation between the character of Victor Creed from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Sabretooth from X-Men (2000)? And if yes, how come he ended up becoming a brainless henchman for Magneto?

IMO, he should have become arch enemy or nemesis of Wolverine.

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I would have preferred them as two separate characters. Victor in "Origins" was incredibly strong, cunning, and intelligent. Sabretooth in Origin would wipe the floor with the Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie. –  user5558 Jul 25 '13 at 18:57

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Liev Schreiber who plays Victor Creed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is indeed essaying the role of Sabretooth (as depicted in X-Men).

From Wiki

Played by Tyler Mane, he was a henchman of Magneto in the first X-Men film and X-Men: The Official Game. Liev Schreiber plays him in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Since, your awareness of the comics universe is limited I'll stick to the movie for my explanation. To begin with, he is kind of an arch enemy to the Wolverine. Being his half-brother, he craves for his attention (in a negative way). And at the same time constantly tries (and succeeds) to physically better him to prove that he is more powerful.

Secondly, he only sides with Stryker (in X-Men Origins) as Stryker gives him the opportunity to hunt down Wolverine and make his life miserable. Also he expects that Stryker will transform him into Weapon XI aka Deadpool. But unfortunately, in X-Men he has been depicted as a mindless, growling beast.

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Yes, they are the same person. Sabretooth (Victor Creed) and Wolverine (Logan) worked together for the CIA and they both were part of the Weapon X project.

How did he become brainless henchmen for Magneto?

In the comic he does not work for Magneto, with the exception of the time when Magneto becomes the leader of the X-men after the supposed death of Xavier. Even at one moment Sabretooth was hired to kill Magneto but fails. Also in the comic book Sabretooth is very assertive and intelligent (he is an ex CIA) completely different to the brainless portrayal of the movies.

If you wonder how did he became evil and how his feud with Wolverine started, it is a long story but this are some key points:

  • Wolverine and Sabretooth were part of the Weapon X project, a secret project carried by the Canadian Government with the propose of create the perfect human weapon. As part of the project the participants get their memories erased and altered.
  • At one moment it was suspected that he was Wolverine's father and it really disturbed Wolverine.
  • When Victor Creed was working for the CIA along with Logan (Wolverine) he already displayed some signs of sadism by killing civilians causing disagreement with Logan.
  • Wolverine is manipulated into believe that Victor Creed killed his girlfriend Silver Fox.
  • After CIA Creed worked most of the time as mercenary for different criminal groups doing atrocities.
  • In the comic as opposite to the films he is not a big ally of Magneto.
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Although Origins is accurate in naming Sabretooth Victor Creed, it is inaccurate that he be declared Logan's brother. X Men Origins: Wolverine is based much on the comic book series Wolverine Origins. The entire opening scene is a spin of the comic series' events. However, they add that Victor's dad is actually James' (Logan) as well. In fact, in that story Creed isn't even around for these events.

So, the path in the film is a little off.

To answer your question a little more directly though. As Victor and Logan both work for Weapon X, they both have swiped memories. In the film, Logan loses his memory when he's shot in the head, this is just a creative addition to the original mythos. Although Sabretooth, in the comics rarely (if ever) worked with Magneto, I suppose in the first film, they were trying to portray him more beastly and less cunning as if his mind was swiped like logans.

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