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In the television series, Misfits, through out the various seasons, We see the main characters killing a large number of people - many of the probation workers, cheerleaders etc...

And we just see a casual mention of the cops. No serious enquiry ever is taken and they never find themselves in any serious troble? Is it a plot hole or am I missing something?

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I wouldn't call it a plot hole. It'd be pretty annoying if each episode consisted of police interrogations concerning the previous episode. – user4185 Feb 22 '13 at 4:55

It's definitely not a plot hole, but you are definitely not missing anything; it is simply a modified version of the reset button.

In the season 2 premiere, Nathan addresses the body count, "Can we please stop killing our probation workers?" as a joke, and then nothing happens.

It's South Park syndrome: while main characters can change (Mr/s Garrison) and people can leave and enter the cast (Tweak, Pip, Chef), there could be a massive body count and police would never notice save for maybe that episode.

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