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In the new Hobbit movie, the warg riding orcs attack in daylight, which according to Tolkien's books should not be possible. Any speculations how this might be explained anyway? In the Lord of the Rings movies there were the Uruk Hai who could travel in daylight (as in the books). But these orcs seemed to be of a different kind.

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Warg riders also attacked during the flight to Helm's Deep in LotR:TTT. –  David Harkness Mar 23 '13 at 16:10
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Those were Hunter Orcs:

The fast-moving and fanatical Hunter Orcs serve as the right hand of Azog, a relentless band who will stop at nought to slay his quarry.

 Hunter Orcs

One of the Hunter Orcs ,Yazneg, was killed by Azog after he failed to capture Thorin, so they were clearly under a lot of pressure. Compared to Azog's wrath the Hunter Orcs possibly considerd sunlight to be the lesser evil.

Or maybe this breed, like the Uruk-hai, can indeed withstand the sunlight better

(Because this is 'non-canon' there seems to be very limited information)

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You're thinking of Goblins and Trolls. Orcs and Uruk-Hai are able to move in daylight. It's not just one breed either. The whole race is this way. Goblins and Trolls can't survive in daylight hence why they lived underground and rarely venture out into the rest of the world without good reason.

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