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The last episode of the original Dallas aired in 1991. Two reunion movies were made. The first, J.R. Returns, aired in 1996. The second, War of the Ewings, aired in 1998. The series was revived in 2012.

Wikipedia says that the 2012 series does not include the movies in its continuity. Is that accurate? Is there, in fact, no reference at all to the events of the two reunion movies? Does the new series actually contradict the movies?

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Some constructive criticism: you're asking a few different questions here. One about continuity between an old project and a rebooted one, and another about viewing order/relevance. Also: the interview cited in that Wiki article answers your question about continuity, definitively, from a writer/executive producer for the show. –  stevvve Jan 4 '13 at 15:23
You're correct that I'm asking two questions. I've removed the second question. As for the producers' statement, I'm not particularly interested in official continuity policy. I'm interested in what's been executed, on screen, which may or may not match that stated policy. –  Stephen Collings Jan 4 '13 at 16:25

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