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Please read the question before marking it as duplicate. This question maybe identical to the one below but they ask different concepts:

How does the dream sharing actually work?

So my question is how are the dreams shared correctly among the individuals? I've watched the movie twice but the only thing connected to all the dreamers are the conduits used to inject sedatives to the subjects of the dream. It hasn't been explained how the dream sharing actually work. Is it some kind of a telepathic practice?

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Seems like pretty much the same question to me. –  KeyBrd Basher Dec 31 '12 at 6:09

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It seems like you are asking for the working method of PASIV. I am afraid it has never been explained how does the whole dream sharing works. Even not in the demo they provided i.e. in http://www.pasivdevice.org/ I went through all the pages. But it merely shows how the injection of the sedatives is done and the physical outfit of the PASIV machine and procedure of dream sharing, but not the working method of the machine. In my opinion, it would never be known because in reality this type of machine does not exist. So revealing any unscientific explanation is mostly unexpected. I support this theory:

Therefore the dream sharing they experience must be in some way a psychic phenomenon facilitated by the drug and/or training. This doesn’t get explored much in the movie. The mechanics are pretty much glossed over.

At the end I can only add:

The PASIV is a concept that can potentially inspire researchers and inventors to produce real-world technology that lives up to the fiction, literally opening up possibilities limited only by our imagination.

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