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So what is the name of this movie:

  • So it is comedy,from US,around 1995-2000.

  • Main character is short guy with blonde hair(short cut) look like Simon Pegg.

  • He works in some large company(desk job),he hoped he will get promoted.When his boss promotes someone else he starts yelling that he will kill him and storms into his office where he finds his boss dead in addition he touches the knife he was stabbed with,so he thinks that he can't prove his innocence and starts running from the cops...what he doesn't know is that cops have a videotape of the murder and don't even search for him.Last scene is on mini statue of liberty.

  • He eats poison mushrooms and gets sick,also he ate bunch of expired ham and gets himself in hospital...

  • He falls in love with shy country girl.

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Is a movie with Pierre Richard? – JuanZe Jan 14 '12 at 7:57
Hm i thought people will recognize it easily...I will add more details.And no Pierre Richard isn't main character. – Arremer Jan 14 '12 at 12:37
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The movie is called "The Wrong Guy"

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