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In season 3 of the Walking Dead televison series, what is the problem with the Governor? Why is he killing other Human Beings?

For God's sake, it's the Apocalypse, 95% of the world is dead, all the technology has been destroyed. Everyone is sad because of loosing many beloved once and still - their exist this one man - Governor who is killing other Human beings. Why?

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In one of the first episodes introducing the character of the Governor, we see him and his men murder a team of soldiers heavily armed, to rid them of their weapons.
If he did not had killed them, but had instead incorporated them to its little community, with their equipment, training, and experience as a unified team, the soldiers might have been strong enough to take over the control of the organization of the Governor's community.
This is something that the Governor could not bear : the power he has over the community is all he wants.

That's how I started to think about this character after watching the movie "The Postman" (that I actually liked), and comparing him to the bad guy, "General Bethlehem".
The General shares some aspects with the Governor : he explains he was a kind of loser before the apocalypse, but he has power in the new order of the world and therefore enjoys it a lot.

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The Governor stamps out anything he perceives as a threat to his position and community. He has a vision for survival and expects all others to follow it.

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I think Carl's shooting of Jody as Jody was surrendering in the season 3 finale was meant to parallel and illustrate how The Governor became the way he was. A person in those circumstances starts to think that shooting is always the safest option, whereas not shooting can lead to tragedy later. Eventually preemptive killing becomes second nature. (I know Jody was acting suspiciously, but Herschel said Carl shot him in cold blood, and Herschel was right there.)

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In one of the episodes Rick asks a character a series of questions before letting them join his group. one of those questions was "have you killed anyone?" If they had said No that would have been a bad sign. Unless something unusual was going on, having to kill someone was unavoidable.


  • a loved one was turning into a walker and you had to prevent them from attacking your group.
  • you'd met an outside group that wanted your camp and you had to fend them off or run away giving up the camp and it's resources.

The people of the the Governors group would have failed Ricks test. Had outside groups made it to the front gate. Their side would have had casualties, which would have turned into walkers. If they had known this it would have complicated things if they ever found out about the Governors daughter.

So ambushing groups while still a long way from camp made his group feel safer than they actually were. Protecting his daughter.

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