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You know, the guy who is advising M for a while during beginning of Skyfall wanting her to resign and such. He sure seemed evil to me and my friends and I had a debate about this... So is he a good guy or bad guy?

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I think this question invites opinions.........as it has nothing to do with the character motivation or anything such. Unless you can make the question look more like its seeking some facts I dnt think its productive. –  KeyBrd Basher Dec 5 '12 at 6:39
Productive is a pretty relative term then, eh? "Mr. I have 7,864 karma on movies.stackexchange.com" ? But in all seriousness. It is a very to the point question. Either he has Evil motives or Good motives. Which is it? I felt they were evil based on what I saw. I am wondering if someone has facts that can show something proving he is good or evil. –  teewuane Dec 5 '12 at 21:05
Do you think anything in the movie sheds light on his motives?? Somehow we try to categorize everything and everybody we come across as either black or white, and forget that it rarely is so. Like everything real, Mallory(Ralph Fiennes) too had shades of grey. But really, he was a person playing out his part, no dirty motives no noble ideals either. –  KeyBrd Basher Dec 6 '12 at 5:34
"primarily opinion-based" - Oh my, as the answers have proven that's an easy question perfectly answered by the movie. The OP simply fell for the movie's story-telling tricks. I can't see how this is closable in any way, it seems like a perfectly valid question. –  Napoleon Wilson Jun 27 at 8:41
@NapoleonWilson - it's not closable... but is trivial and obvious to the point of donvotability. –  DVK yesterday

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I think his character is a red herring: early, he seems like he might be a bad guy who wants to destroy MI6 -- but by the end of the movie, his actions (particularly during the courthouse shooting scene, when he has a chance to shoot good guys but instead shoots bad guys) suggest he is looking out for England's best interests, just like Bond and M.

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Mallory or M is the new boss of MI6 and he looks to be good guy. He even tried to save M when she was attacked by Silva in the court room. However he can easily be interpreted as a double agent or an enemy in the upcoming movie. So we will have to wait n see...

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No clear cut answer yet, so I found a decent article backing up the notion of Mallory as a good guy, set to become M and support England and 007.


It became clear when Bond chases Silva into the M/MI-6 hearing and a big shoot out erupts. Mallory didn't miss a shot when assisting Bond and Eve. He was a good guy.

Personally, I think bringing in Fienes to play M is great, which may make the character more involved than previous iterations. Good article, hope you read it.

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This quote from the article agrees with my answer above: "throughout Skyfall, I pegged Fiennes' Mallory as a mole... why else hire such a big name actor to play the part of the government overseer placing hurdles for Dench's M to jump? [But] it became clear when Bond chases Silva into the M/MI-6 hearing and a big shoot out erupts. Mallory didn't miss a shot when assisting Bond and Eve. He was a good guy." –  Shiz Z. Jun 25 at 23:05
It does, however, your answer is an opinion, and not very clearly supported by evidence of any kind. I would down vote, if I had 125 rep. –  Levi Jun 25 at 23:16
Good point -- I expanded my answer. –  Shiz Z. Jun 26 at 0:06
@Levi Could you maybe add a quote of the section of the artcle that agrees with you in case the link goes down in future? –  Crow T Robot Jul 6 at 19:01

I don't think there is a definitive answer to this question until we get the future Bond films. However my thoughts were that initially he was involved with MI6 & M to control what she was doing because she had broken rules and the government were questioning these.

Through the events of Skyfall he becomes aware that there is a very good reason why M does things that she does and learns that the rules are there to be broken and/or bent to protect the country therefore this is why Bond respects him and he wants Bond back to work.

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