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You know, the guy who is advising M for a while during beginning of the movie wanting her to resign and such? He sure seemed evil to me and my friends and I had a debate about this... So is he a good guy or bad guy?

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I think this question invites opinions.........as it has nothing to do with the character motivation or anything such. Unless you can make the question look more like its seeking some facts I dnt think its productive. –  KeyBrd Basher Dec 5 '12 at 6:39
Productive is a pretty relative term then, eh? "Mr. I have 7,864 karma on movies.stackexchange.com" ? But in all seriousness. It is a very to the point question. Either he has Evil motives or Good motives. Which is it? I felt they were evil based on what I saw. I am wondering if someone has facts that can show something proving he is good or evil. –  teewuane Dec 5 '12 at 21:05
Do you think anything in the movie sheds light on his motives?? Somehow we try to categorize everything and everybody we come across as either black or white, and forget that it rarely is so. Like everything real, Mallory(Ralph Fiennes) too had shades of grey. But really, he was a person playing out his part, no dirty motives no noble ideals either. –  KeyBrd Basher Dec 6 '12 at 5:34
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I think his character is a red herring: early, he seems like he might be a bad guy who wants to destroy MI6 -- but by the end of the movie, his actions suggest he is looking out for England's best interests, just like Bond and M.

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Mallory or M is the new boss of MI6 and he looks to be good guy. He even tried to save M when she was attacked by Silva in the court room. However he can easily be interpreted as a double agent or an enemy in the upcoming movie. So we will have to wait n see...

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