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If I understand Skyfall correctly, James Bond's primary mission is to protect M from being killed by Silva -- despite this, near the end of the movie, M dies from a wound inflicted by Silva's men.

Earlier in the movie, Bond had been tasked with preventing Silva's distribution of the names of MI6's undercover agents -- but Silva was able to begin distributing the names, resulting in the deaths of multiple undercover agents and a public inquiry into MI6.

Also, Silva successfully detonated bombs in MI6 headquarters and in the London Underground.

With all this in mind, did James Bond fail his mission in "Skyfall"? Bond managed to save his own life and to kill Silva, but virtually all of Silva's plan seemed to succeed.

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Bond's official mission was to retrieve the hard drive with the names on it. When Q plugged the drive into his laptop it hacked MI6's network, and Silva escaped. Silva then tries to kill M, but Bond saves her.

Bond and M go to Skyfall where they fight Silva. Bond kills Silva, but M dies.

I don't think he was officially given a mission to protect M in the film, but M didn't want anyone else to die because of her. So they both left London to go to Skyfall.

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I think the key is " M didn't want anyone else to die because of her"... seems the unofficial mission was to kill Silva so he couldn't do more large-scale harm... saving M would have been a bonus, but was not the ultimate goal. Answer accepted. –  Shiz Z. Feb 8 '13 at 18:04

Silva won. He wanted to discredit M and die with her, and that's what happened.

Bond's official mission was really just a small part of Silva's scheme. This is a common trope in the thriller genre, and we expect the hero to eventually figure out what's going on and thwart the villain's plan at the last possible moment. But Bond didn't do that.

Bond did score two modest successes: Silva died at Bond's hands, rather than his own or M's; and Silva died believing that he had failed. Even so, Silva came out on top.

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I agree. Silva won. Disappointing for a bond movie :) –  monkjack Nov 25 '13 at 0:59

this has been bugging me too. I loved the movie, but this plot issue has been rattling around my brain.

Overall, 007 seems to fail in every way possible.

1) He takes part in a botched operation where the hard drive is stolen.

2) He knows M has given the order to 'take the shot' because he is listening on his earpiece; but he fails to duck and is hit.

3) He fails his fitness test, pyschological test and firearms test

4) He promises to protect the woman who introduces him to Silva - she dies.

5) He assists Q when he plugs in the hard-drive that makes Silva's escape possible.

6) He chases Silva but he gets away.

7) He takes M to Skyfall where he will protect her. She dies.

So does he fail his mission? That of, retrieving the hard drive. Technically, maybe, no. But he certainly fails in everything else!

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He also accidentally kills Patrice, the guy he was supposed to interrogate. –  atticae Dec 11 '12 at 15:23
He promises to protect the woman who introduces him to Silva - she dies. Did she in fact die? I thought the whisky(?) glass fell because she fainted or something. –  Kyralessa Dec 18 '12 at 2:49
@Kyralessa No, I'm pretty sure she died as she was shot by Silva, which demonstrates his somehow unorthodox (unethical?) but rather effective methods (everybody else would have tried to shoot the glass, a much harder target). –  Napoleon Wilson Jan 2 '13 at 18:51
One more. He fails to return the customized Walther PPK that was issued to him by Q. –  user3768 Jan 2 '13 at 22:34

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