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In Source Code, I did not get the meaning of a conversation between Capt. and Christina in the train. It was between roughly 00:42:00-00:43:00

The conversation was as follows:

Capt- Okay. Christina? Um...I've been having these dreams lately. Really vivid. 
      And you've been in them.
Christina- Really?
Capt- What? Oh. No. Not like that. Not that I wouldn't. I...It's just...Um..

So what was it that he wanted to say, but could not complete and why Christina left him without listening to him completely. I could not get that part.

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He was talking about the entire source code project (getting in someone else's body) and trying to explain to her what was really going on to make her understand/help him. As he realizes his actions might seem strange, he tries to convince her to go with it.

She dismisses it as it doesn't seem important (only dreams) and flirts with him

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