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I have watched through Dexter and there are multiple references to Harry's code of conduct, but they're never listed specifically in any of the episodes as far as I remember.

I know that the first rule is Don't get caught, the second rule is Never kill an innocent...

What are the various rules in Harry's code of conduct?

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In this reference on the Dexter Wiki the rules are essentially all that you state above (in the simplest form). These are:

  1. Never get caught
  2. Never kill an innocent

There are various hints in dialogue that there may be more rules but seeing as the code was never written down we may never know unless stated in the show.

Looking further into it, it seems that not having a family besides Deb might be against the code. Though, this can be argued as general advice to continue his ways vs an actual rule of the code.

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Never get caught

Make sure they deserve it

Never kids

Never make a scene

Fake emotion and normality to fit in.

When taking a psychology personality test, always answer the question with the opposite of what you feel.

Never get emotionally involved.

victims must be killers who the police have been unable to catch or convict

Don't leave any traces.

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