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In The Godfather, Sollozzo and the Tattaglia's attempt to assassinate Don Corleone. He is shot several times in the back but survives.

An hour before the assassination Sollozzo picks up Tom Hagen. He tells him that the Don had to be killed as he stood in the way of his plans. He also asks "Sonny was hot for the deal wasn't he?". This is because he spoke up at the earlier meeting between Don Corleone and Sollozzo. Sollozzo asks Tom to make the peace between Sonny and himself.

Was Sonny speaking up at the meeting a major factor in the planned assassination of Don Corleone? Would it have taken place if he didn't speak up?

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Pretty good well thought out answers. Personally, I still feel like no matter what in the long run, sonny would have had sollozzo killed eventually, even if he took the deal shortly. Some point in the future, sonny would bring retribution for his father's murderer and sollozzo would've had to have known he'd have a knife over his head for the rest of his life. I don't know, maybe Tom could have helped sonny be reasonable and see business side for a short term, but eventually can't see sonny to giving into his temper. Regardless, it ended up being worst decision sollozzo' made in his life. Very – Fionnbarr Casey Apr 20 at 20:04
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My interpretation would be yes, it was a key factor and the assassination attempt would not have taken place if Sonny had not tipped Sollozzo off to the difference in opinion between himself and the Don. By doing so, Sonny effectively showed Sollozzo that the Don was all that was standing in the way of his plans, and removing him would clear the way for said plans by putting the more amenable Sonny in charge. Had Sonny kept his mouth shut, there would have been no obvious advantage to Sollozzo to remove the Don at that point. (which is not to say the plot couldn't have contrived one, or that something similar wouldn't have gone down at a later date anyway)

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Vito Corleone says to Sonny: Never, tell, outside, the, family, what, you're, thinking – jsedano Sep 6 '13 at 18:29
If the assasination attempt succeeded I can't believe a deal would have been struck, Sonny is too tempremental and revenge-driven to make the deal with the man who just murdered his father. – howler Dec 12 '13 at 15:10

Yes. Sonny's remark at the meeting is the reason why Sollozzo tries to have the Don whacked. He realizes that the vaunted Corleone family is not as unified as people think. Should he have realized that Sonny is going to want to go to the mattresses when the Don is killed? Yes, but that is why he kidnaps Tom Hagen to make sure that Sonny's "famous temper" doesn't rule the day. Sollozzo was impressed at the meeting that Tom knew the Tattaglias were behind the protection/finance deal ("my compliments") and probably thought Tom had more influence over Sonny than in fact he had.

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Nobody knew it at the time but Barzini was pulling the strings. I believe Barzini wanted to be capo di tutti capi, boss of all bosses. He wanted what Vito had and eventually he was a marked man. I mean this was gonna happen one way or the other. Barzini was making a power play.

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