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Last night, i was watching a movie in local Cable channel, which dont even displayed the name of the movie till the end.

The movie was about a guy, who has some power to see what is going to happen in next 2 minutes(if i am not wrong). There was a scene in which he visioned, from where a bullet was coming and then he escaped from the bullet shot. At the end, he saved the city from some nuclear explosion

I found this movie quite interesting and would like to a have a copy of it in my dashboard. Any help in identifying this movie would be highly appreciated.

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As I recall at the end he didn't save the city, I think his last line was something along the lines of "I made a mistake" then he goes back..... – AidanO Nov 20 '12 at 14:45
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Ya I have seen it. You are certainly talking about Next. The main actor is Nicolas Cage. He can see the next two minutes. As he could see the future, he could dodge the bullet. He also saved the city from nuclear explosion.

enter image description here

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yes, it is exactly the same movie. thanks. :) – Sahil Mahajan Mj Nov 20 '12 at 9:03

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