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In Casino Royale there is a scene during the poker game when Bond and Vesper go to their room during a pause. On their way Bond fetches an envelope from the reception (that I guess he deposited there earlier) containing his gun and then in the elevator asks Vesper to open it and take out the gun. When exiting the elevator they hear screams from Le Chiffre's room (who is visited by his angry African clients) and Bond engages the danger.

But my question is, why did Bond take out the gun from the envelope in the first place, since at this point he didn't know there is danger ahead? He could have just done it in his room or not fetch/deposit the envelope at all.

  • Am I just overinterpreting this and he just took it out as a matter of security?
  • Was he actually anticipating the upcoming danger or knew that Le Chiffre got unwelcome visitors?
  • Did he actually plan something serious I have overseen, like capturing Le Chiffre or at least searching his room or something the like?
  • Or was this plot device of fetching the envelope and drawing out the gun just not thought out that well?
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I'm leaning towards security, but maybe someone more knowledgeable can provide a better explanation. – TylerShads Nov 19 '12 at 13:50
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You must have overlooked how Bond put a tracker/microphone on Le Chiffre's inhaler:


In the elevator he asks Vesper to open the envelope while he puts a wireless earpiece in his ear:


He takes the gun while holding a phone in his left hand:


The phone displays Le Chiffre's position:


So yes, Bond had a plan.

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Hah indeed, totally forgot that, so it's clear he's up to something. The question seems pretty stupid now ;). The better question would be what he did plan (maybe he assumed that there was something strange going on and wanted to know what, since Le Chiffre talked to his henchmen right after the poker game). But well, that's just my bad of not thinking through it properly and asking too general a question (which you answered perfectly correct). Sorry, but well, at least you got some easy rep ;) – Napoleon Wilson Nov 19 '12 at 17:43
Epic!! That explianed a lot. I'm glad I read it!! – user3637 Dec 18 '12 at 17:28

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