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Few years ago I saw an Aussie comedian on American Comedy Central show (likely Premium Blend or the like, with short bits each comedian got to perform), who made jokes about Steve Irwin (not sure if before or after death).

The jokes were based on ridiculousness of what Irwin did, as “Let’s pick up this gigantic croc and move it over there!” or “Of course he [the snake] is grumpy! You poking him with a stick!”

I had been searching to identify this comedian for years based on just those memories, and always came up short. Can someone at least point me in the right direction?

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My mind imediately went to "Eric Bana", of "Hulk" and "Black Hawk Down" fame, was previously a hilarious Aussie comedian/celebrity impersonator. – Coomie Nov 16 '12 at 1:52

Aussie Brendon Burns has a routine called "Steve Irwin's Death" on his album The Thinking Man's Idiot. He had a Comedy Central special in 2009. There are some videos here - don't think your routine is there but you may recognize the comic.

enter image description here

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