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I know how naive I seem asking this question but was far too fascinated by the character JARVIS in the Iron Man movies to not ask this.

Well JARVIS is nothing but Tony Stark's personal assistant that happens to be a computer program with amazing AI(Artificial Intelligence) and has a personality of its own. In Peter David's novelization of the film, JARVIS is revealed as an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

Technically speaking, does such a real world system exist? If yes, please do provide concrete references. If not (I bet), how close a system has been developed? (references again!)

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All the assumptions you have done are quite true in all the aspects. JARVIS stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System in the movie. So what can Jarvis do? In the movie we have seen him as a computer which acts as a Digital Assistant. Jarvis handles each and everything about the Tony Stark including his work, Writing Programs for his Suit, Handling Security of His house and all.Technically we have not yet reached that far so that we can do everything that is shown in the movie. But

apart from Film, is it possible to have such intelligent computer in the real life ?

and Researchers say:

Well Answer is Yes cause i believe impossible itself says i am possible.

If we view this problem from programmers point of view

apart from customization the very important thing is the accurate Voice recognisation system and yes this is not a General Voice recognisation system that have a Simple Database of Pre described commands and compare the Human voice to commands stored, if it matches then some event occurs else a mismatch happens. But Jarvis Computer was like a Responsive voice recognisation system that can even raise question from itself and waiting for answer. i hope you guess what really i am talking about , yes we need to Put some Artificial Intelligence Programs to avail such a feature which is not easy.

But some geeks have started working on it. Like Chad Barraford who has already made device named DIY which can work almost like Jarvis. It can:

Jarvis Can Talk Barraford developed a language interpretation system that employs MacSpeech Dictate, a program that converts speech into text so Jarvis can interpret it. In this video, Barraford demonstrates Jarvis's listening and speaking abilities.

He Can Wake You Here, Barraford demonstrates Jarvis's alarm clock system and daily weather report.

Jarvis Watches Over the Home Barraford gave his dog and his close friends RFID keychains so that Jarvis would know when they are in the apartment. "He figures out who is home and who isn't, and he changes the environmental settings based on that information," Barraford says. For example, Jarvis uses the X10 system to turn off the lights if no one is home, and when friends are over he keeps Barraford's Facebook notifications private, instead of reading them aloud like usual. In this video, Barraford demonstrates the RFID tag reader.

And He Can Even Help With Migraines Jarvis really comes in handy when Barraford gets a debilitating migraine headache, which occurs about once every other month. An instant message is all it takes to switch Jarvis into migraine mode, which calls for him to send an e-mail to Barraford's boss, update Twitter and Facebook and dim the apartment lights.

For all these functions The complete pack of Jarvis includes

Mac Mini
radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tag reader
X10 home automation system
wall speakers and a wireless microphone.

So we cannot say we have made an exact think like Jarvis, but we can surely say we are approcahing to creating like one slowly.

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It will truly be an amazing day when geeks (including myself) everywhere get the holographic part of JARVIS – TylerShads Nov 14 '12 at 13:33
Very detailed answer! +1 for the programmers point of view and the link.... – KeyBrd Basher Nov 14 '12 at 13:42
JARVIS indeed stands for Just A Rather Intelligent System but it is also a reference to the butler of Tony Stark, Edwin Jarvis, which has always served the Avengers – Origin Nov 19 '12 at 19:12

Just to provide some more links (I'm not gonna try and match the other answer):

Jarvis is shown to interact in conversation. This involves voice recognition and interpretation. Voice recognition is the conversion of sound to text/language and is actually easier than the interpretation part in which the AI has to really understand what you're saying. Siri is indeed an example but still rather simple as it mostly uses the same basic set of commands/answers. Others include cleverbot and jabberwacky. Most of them use machine learning underneath to interpret previous answers. At the moment, most of them are not that human-like but still fun to try.

A lot of AI development is also being done in the gaming industry to create human-like players. Read this article on gaming AI and the Turing test.

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I don't believe any such system exists, in the same way that no real Iron Man suit exists. JARVIS is mentioned many times in the comics I believe and so was just a character to be carried across (just like Stark and Pepper).

I'd suggest that the largest available similar system is Google Voice or Siri!

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Its really not a question about opinions Liath. I am looking for R&D in the field of AI, voice & pattern recognition, neural networks, fuzzy logic etc. that would make something like Jarvis possible. Still in doubt? Read Subir's answer. – KeyBrd Basher Nov 14 '12 at 13:39

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