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I'm not sure if this is episode is new enough to warrant a spoiler block, but because it's the series finale, I'll add one anyway.

In Doctor Who series 5 episode 13: The Big Bang, At

Amy and Rory's wedding, after Amy jumps on the table and starts yelling about remembering the Doctor

The camera pans across the faces of several stunned guests. One of the guests looks like Adam Sandler. The full cast list for this episode doesn't mention him at all.

Did he have an uncredited cameo?

Here's a screen capture of the scene I'm asking about: enter image description here

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That's not Adam Sandler. –  Oliver_C Nov 12 '12 at 14:18

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I don't really know how to prove it definitively, but it seems pretty clear to me that they're not the same guy when you look at the guy from your picture side by side with 2010 Adam Sandler. I guess the most telling part is different head shape, the Dr Who guy has less of an oval shape to his noggin.

enter image description here

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